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Yes on 5A and 5B - Eagle County CO

YES ON 5A & 5B


Two ballot questions that work together to strengthen our local schools and community.

Retain and attract quality teachers and staff

Build employee housing

Expand early childhood education

Enhance safety and security in our schools

Provide student mental health supports


Mill Levy Override

  • Support the district’s commitment to retain and recruit the best and brightest teachers and staff. 

  • Enhance the safety and security for schools and classrooms

  • Provide critical support services, including mental health counseling and intervention specialists. 

  • Maintain programs including art, music, technology, and physical education supporting vibrant learning experiences, core skills, and language development; improving academic performance opportunities for students.



  • Construct employee housing to retain and attract teachers and staff. 

  • Improve school safety and security of schools and classroom environments.

  • Expand early childhood education and care services by building an early learning center in Gypsum and expanding capacity at the Edwards Early Learning Center.

  • Replace, update, or repair roofs, HVAC, playgrounds, gyms, locker rooms, and athletic facilities, improving learning environments and extending the useful life of existing facilities.


Learn more about these important ballot measures with these Frequently Answered Questions.

A group of Eagle County high school students talking together.

Voter Info

Find voting information, official ballot questions for 5A & 5B, Ballot TABOR Notice (known as the Blue Book with arguments FOR 5A & 5B information) and a sample ballot.

Vote Pledge

5A & 5B are supported by our community. See who is endorsing these ballot measures.


Your generosity is appreciated and helps our success in passing these vital ballot measures.

Eagle county kids in Art Class.
Why Now?


Public education in Colorado has always been underfunded when compared to the rest of the country, and this is not changing anytime soon. To compensate for insufficient funding from the state level, school districts rely on their local communities to provide necessary funding through voter-approved property tax-generated investments in local schools. 

Growth, especially in our youngest learners, has magnified the lack of adequate childcare and early learning opportunities throughout Eagle County, particularly in the western end of the valley. 

The nationwide shortage of qualified teachers has impacted every school district, including our own. Retaining and attracting quality teachers and staff is especially challenging for ECSD because of the cost of living and lack of affordable housing. 

School safety and security are a key priority, as is providing much-needed student mental health services and counseling supports to ensure the success of every child.

It’s because of these challenges that ECSD has turned to voters in this election to provide the necessary funding needed to work toward solving these complex problems. 

Education Foundation of Eagle County

​The Education Foundation of Eagle County is committed to supporting public education and the intellectual and emotional growth of students, specifically focusing on in-school enrichment, mental health support services, and efforts to retain top teacher talent. EFEC’s top priority is to maintain an excellent learning experience for students by supporting teachers and schools in Eagle County.

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Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Contact us if you have questions, want to learn more, or want to support these measures.

Thank You!

We value your support, engagement, and that you recognize great schools make great communities!

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